About the event

When: Monday, November 5, 9-11 a.m. (non-educators)

OR session tailored to Educators: 6-8 p.m. (same day)


Where: Auburn First United Methodist Church


Join us for a follow-up gathering to our Fight DeKalb Poverty training event held at DeKalb High School this past summer. This CAN be your first Fight DeKalb Poverty event  – even if you missed the summer training! There are absolutely no prerequisites, other than a passion to change what poverty looks like in our community!


This two hour event will help better prepare all of us as we journey down the road of ending poverty in our county. In the first hour, we’ll have some breakout sessions and conduct sector-based discussions about what we’ve learned from the books received on July 11 (Don’t worry – if you didn’t read yours yet, or if you’re new – you can still come and learn!).


In the second hour, we will hear about Ambassador Enterprises‘ SEED Challenge: DeKalb – a collaborative initiative sponsored by DeKalb Community Growth Network to accelerate transformative solutions to systemic issues. Ambassador Enterprises will help provide our sectors with a clear path to developing innovative solutions that fight poverty in DeKalb County.


Register today to learn more about generational poverty, and an opportunity to win thousands of dollars towards funding our ideas!


Are you in Education? We will hold a special event from 6-8 p.m., same day and location, covering the same information, but carefully tailored to the needs of Educators.

Seed Challenge DeKalb

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Working with those in generational poverty has unique challenges that require a counter-intuitive approach. We will meet in sectors to discuss what we’re learning.

Moving Ahead

Aiming to inspire change, the DeKalb County Growth Network is sponsoring Ambassador Enterprises’ SEED Challenge: DeKalb. Click below for more information