We have identified a book to help each sector appropriately navigate the unique generational poverty challenges they may encounter. Below are the books hand-picked for each sector and will be discussed on the November 5th event (If you haven’t read the book yet – no worries! You can still learn from others!)


Teachers are integral to the lives of under-resourced Young people who can and will achieve success if we understand them and understand how to guide and teach them. This revised edition of Researched-Based Strategies helps us do all that and more. Grab your copy here.

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Business/Human Resources

Workplace Stability recently became available on Amazon here. The book discusses ways employers can raise their bottom line by retaining their employees.

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Bridges Across Every Divide explores how political and social agendas can melt away when we focus on overcoming barriers to economic stability. The book is available at Amazon and directly from Aha! Process.

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Bridges to Health and Healthcare explores how to better serve patients across the economic spectrum. The book can be purchased here.

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Human services and workforce development

When stories of successful poverty programs are told, Cincinatti Works is frequently mentioned. Why? The story is told in Why Don’t They Just Get a Job?  It’s available here.

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Researcher and Reverend joined forces to write What Every Church Member Should Know About Poverty. It’s available here.

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law and order

Tactical Communication presents foundational concepts of generational poverty, but specifically tailored for first responders. You can snag your copy here.

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great books for any sector

A Framework for Understanding Poverty is the book that started it all. Your copy is waiting for you here.

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The disruptive work of Dr. Ruby Payne continued with Bridges Out of Poverty. It’s available here.

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